10 Of The Best Tips For Coping With Dialysis

10 Of The Best Tips For Coping With Dialysis

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10 Of The Best Tips For Coping With Dialysis

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Being on dialysis is tough for you and your loved ones, even if the treatment is a lifesaving procedure and can definitely make you feel better, is not easy to get used to it at first. One of the toughest things of dialysis is the fact that the treatment is not a one time deal, is an ongoing procedure that takes time and effort; this is why today, we bring you some great advice to make the most of it and deal with dialysis without letting it ruin many other positive aspects of your life.

Get actively involved in your treatment

Be another member of your treatment team. Reading about your condition, getting informed and learning about your medication and the equipment being used to treat you are great ways of coping with the fear and anxiety you may experience. Write down questions you may have for your doctors and always talk about your feelings with your loved ones, social workers, psychologist or other specialists that are helping you out during this times. Being well informed is taking responsibility and control over your situation.

Remember you can still enjoy your life

Your daily routines may have to adjust to your new treatment, this is normal and it shouldn’t be a reason to make you feel your entire life has to change. Continuing with your life as normal as possible is the best way to adjust. Talk to your employer and see if you can continue working with some variations to your schedule or try to find a new way to work fewer hours if you are self-employed. You know your limits so don’t push yourself beyond your capabilities.

Continue to exercise or get started

Exercise is great not only for your body but for your mind as well. Always talk to your doctor first so you can choose the exercise program that is right for you. Increasing your endurance and muscle capacity will make it easier for your body to stay healthy and you will be able to have a better quality of life.

Occupy your time wisely as you are on the machine

Idle time makes it difficult sometimes for patients to cope with being on the machine while on dialysis treatment. Use the time wisely to work, read a book or pick up a new hobby that you can engage on while you are waiting. You have to stay still either way, so why not make that time count? It will make a difference for sure.

Take charge of your sleeping patterns

Patients undergoing dialysis treatment usually report having trouble sleeping through the night. Not getting enough sleep can give you headaches, make you irritable and cause you to feel tired during your day. A healthy dose of exercise and avoiding having heavy dinners or eating late at night can help you to get a much-needed full night of sleep.

Your diet is very important

Being on dialysis can actually help you change the way you eat as the diet you should keep during the treatment is something that can benefit just about everyone. A healthy diet helps your body stay clean and get rid of toxins easily, something will also make the treatment a lot more bearable.

Attitude is everything

Keeping a positive attitude is fundamental. Dialysis is something that is helping you live a full life and make you better all together. Accepting the situation and making the best out of it is the way to come out on top. Don’t be afraid to seek counseling if you think you need it and you can’t seem to focus your thoughts on positive things.

10 Of The Best Tips For Coping With Dialysis

Courtesy of Aparthotel Arabella**** – Nauders at flickr.com

Pay attention to your emotions

Don’t ignore your feelings and seek help if necessary. Getting better is not something that you body does on its own. Health is also an emotional matter, so make sure you talk to those around you who care about you and don’t let your feelings control the situation. Be assertive with your needs and take care of yourself emotionally just like you are doing physically.

Travel if you can

Talk to your doctor about traveling. Understand your limitations and if you are able to go on a trip and get away from everything, do it. Traveling can help you lower your stress and refresh your body and mind. Traveling can be a big boost to morale and greatly raise the quality of life of patients, consider it and do it if you can.

Control your fluid intake

Although this is part of your diet, be mindful of your fluid intake levels and keep them under control to avoid emergency trips to the hospital. If your diet is high on sodium, you will feel thirsty and that will spike your fluid intake. Talk to your doctor about this and always keep it under control.


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