The Jay Fund Wine Tasting Gala

Jay Fund pic

Jay Fund

The president of Pentec Health, Inc., Joe Cosgrove is also the company’s chairman and chief executive officer. When he is not overseeing operations at Pentec Health, Inc., Joe Cosgrove spends his time contributing to important causes, including The Jay Fund.

The Jay Fund is hosting its upcoming Wine Tasting Gala in March of 2015. The event brings together supporters of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund to bid on rare wines, sports memorabilia, and vacation packages, all while sampling food from fine dining restaurants within the Jacksonville Beach area. In addition, the fundraising event will showcase world-class wines, which guests can taste as they participate in the evening’s activities. Since its inception a decade ago, the Wine Tasting Gala has raised more than $1.5 million. The 2015 event has established a goal of raising half a million dollars in an effort to eradicate childhood cancer.

Established in 1996 by Super Bowl-winning coach Tom Coughlin, The Jay Fund was created in honor of Jay McGillis. A former college football athlete, Jay McGillis was diagnosed with leukemia while playing on Coach Coughlin’s Boston College team. The coach witnessed first-hand how cancer can affect a person and family both emotionally and financially. In response to this, he committed himself to helping others who are battling childhood cancer.

For more details about The Jay Fund, visit


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