4 Big benefits of having dialysis treatments at home

We have talked a lot of all the types of dialysis and how they help patients with their kidney diseases. There has always been a myth or a wrong belief that dialysis and all other procedures are best taken at the hospital or dialysis center. The reasons are many and economical facts also come into play. But the idea of having such treatment at home could come as quite a surprise to many and as a contradiction to others. Moreover, patients that pay regular visits to the dialysis center see how their lives are reduced to these trips and these treatments. Maybe the centers have the machines needed, but for patients to travel every day to the center is a problem in itself, and this makes the patient strain their lives and at the same time strain the lives of people around them.

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Image courtesy of Dan at Flickr.com

So, in real life, what are the benefits of having dialysis at home? Are they just myths or do they really work towards helping the patient’s health and life in the long run? Well, to answer that question today we are going to take a look at 4 of the top benefits that home dialysis has for patients and how it has become more user-friendly, makes a patient feel better about themselves, and it gives them more flexibility and control over their lives. We are not saying that one treatment is better than other since there is no strong evidence to support that, but what we are saying is that home dialysis does have many benefits that can improve the patient’s lifestyle.

The results of home dialysis

The first and very important benefit is that patients see how their results improve with time.   When the patients are at home, the treatment becomes more human thus it has better results. Also, when people choose to take their dialysis treatments at home, they can do it in the most comfortable way and can do it more frequently and for shorter periods of time. The results are better because frequent dialysis more closely mimics how the kidneys work, so with a good periodicity for the treatments the waste that accumulates in the body is less so the treatment is cleaner and works properly as a normal kidney would work.  It has been seen that home dialysis helps lower mortality rates, does not have so many side effects and the overall results are better. Also, the patient feels very happy and has a good quality of life since they can have all the benefits of the dialysis without interrupting their lives so much.

Time for yourself

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Image courtesy of Julie at Flickr.com

Fortunately for many of us, we haven’t had the chance to go to treatments to a center almost every day. Even for physical therapy, it becomes annoying going every day to the same place for the same amount of hours. Apart from that, understanding that you are sick or your life is at risk and having to control that is too much to take for one person.

Well, another benefit a patient can get from home dialysis is that they have time to do whatever they want and are capable of.  Going to a center or hospital means taking out 5 or 6 hours of your day and patients that are on dialysis far from home miss out on their friends and family, hobbies or anything they like to do in their leisure time. With home dialysis, all these things are not issues anymore because patients can talk on the phone, have visitors, watch TV and play with their loved ones all from the comfort of their house. Also, changing the landscape from clinic to the house is also a good way to make all the treatments more enjoyable.  

Reduction of transportation expenses

Take a minute to think how much you spend on travel expenses. Is it to your office, house, company or just errands you have to do? Now, imagine you have to go to a hospital every single day and pay for two bus fares or spend the gas on your car every day to go to the dialysis center. Not even mentioning that maybe your dialysis center is very far from home. Now include food and lunch and many other drinks you need. That amounts to a lot of money every month. So, the other benefit of home dialysis is that you save in travel expenses, car maintenance and many other things that add up to the already large bill of having a kidney disease.   

Understanding the disease

It seems impossible that people learn more from home than in a clinic, but it is true. Patients that choose to do dialysis at home get more involved in their treatments and have a better understanding of their health and how their body reacts. So they are less likely to have depression or fear and most of the times they have a more positive approach to life.  

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* Featured Image courtesy of Dan at Flickr.com


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