The GPCC Celebrates Passage of HB 1177


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Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

An experienced health-care services industry executive, Joe Cosgrove serves as the president and CEO of Pentec Health in suburban Philadelphia. In addition to his roles at Pentec Health, Joe Cosgrove is an executive committee member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (GPCC).

The GPCC is celebrating the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s passage of HB 1177, which will use increased cigarette taxes to provide additional funds for public schools throughout Pennsylvania. The chamber was a strong supporter of the bill and played a significant role in securing the passage of a $2-per-pack tax on cigarettes sold in Philadelphia. It is estimated that the increased tax will generate an additional $80 million for Philadelphia schools every year.

A longtime proponent of education, the GPCC continually advocates for public policy that fosters strong schools and helps establish a well-educated workforce. In addition to its advocacy work, the chamber takes a hands-on approach to improving education by leading an early childhood literacy campaign that helps build children’s reading skills and raises funds to place more books in school libraries.


Pentec Health Wins Accreditation for Nurse Education Program


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Nurse Education

Pentec Health, Inc., under the direction of president and chief executive officer Joe Cosgrove, specializes in infusion services for patients who need to be treated at home. Joe Cosgrove has taken Pentec Health’s staff from 32 full-time equivalents to some 250, in an effort to increase the quality of patient care.

Recently, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accredited Pentec Health’s Nursing Skills Competency Course for its emphasis on intrathecal infusion. Intrathecal procedures involve injecting medications into the brain’s arachnoid membrane or the spinal cord. The program mixes classroom instruction with individual training.

An ANCC official praised Pentec Health for its willingness to submit to a comprehensive examination of the course’s methods. The ANCC singled out the company for its commitment to maintaining high standards of nursing education. Pentec Health is the first American company to receive this recognition.

In business for 30 years, Pentec Health has built its reputation on providing effective treatments for chronic kidney disease. Its nurses are skilled in using technology such as implanted pumps to relieve spasticity and pain.

Benefits of PROPLETE® for Dialysis Patients

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Pentec Health

Joe Cosgrove serves as president, chairman, and CEO of Pentec Health, Inc., providers of the PROPLETE nutritional solution. Under Joe Cosgrove’s leadership, the launch of PROPLETE has been a significant factor in Pentec Health’s success.

An intradialytic parenteral nutrition (IDPN) solution, Pentec Health‘s PROPLETE addresses the particular nutritional needs of patients undergoing hemodialysis. This treatment significantly reduces the risk of protein deficiency, largely because the process of dialysis itself removes protein from the body at an above-average rate. Furthermore, kidney diseases, which dialysis aims to treat, affect the body’s ability to process amino acids into protein in the normal manner. These factors, combined with a predisposition toward loss of appetite, can cause a condition called protein-energy malnutrition (PEM).

Highly dangerous, PEM puts dialysis patients at increased risk of complications and even death. Statistically, patients with PEM present a much higher risk of death before the successful completion of trreatment. PROPLETE addresses this issue by introducing lipid-free, low-carbohydrate protein supplements into the patient’s body in sufficient amounts to compensate for dialysis-related protein loss. The compound also encourages the growth of protein and tissues in the body, thus combating both the risk and the potential effects of PEM.