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Making the Most Out of Your Time in Dialysis Treatment

As a patient receiving dialysis treatment, you spend many hours attached to a machine, but this time does not have to be unproductive or unpleasant. In fact, there are unlimited activities that can take this potentially bleak experience and turn it into a welcomed break. Books, movies, games, or tutorial videos are just a few of the ways to turn this treatment time into a positive timeout from your everyday routine.

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Whether you are dreaming of extra sleep, longing to read the latest Anne Rice novel, or anxious to catch up on your favorite show on Netflix, there never seems to be enough sedentary hours in the day to unwind and indulge in these relaxing activities. However, as a dialysis patient, you can always use the quiet treatment time to your advantage by doing things you enjoy and may not ordinarily have time for in your day-to-day life.

Time Flies When You’re Watching a Great Movie

With two-and-a half to three hours to spare, there are few better ways to pass the time than with a good flick. Indulge in a romantic comedy, get in on the action with a superhero movie, or recharge your imagination with a fantasy film. The convenience of mobile devices makes it simple to take a movie along anywhere you need to go, and a dialysis treatment appointment is no exception. While headphones are sometimes made available for patients by the clinic, you may want to bring a set along with you, just in case.

Escape Into a Novel

A great way to pass the time during a dialysis treatment is by taking along a book you can dive into. Get some inspiration while reading the latest novel by your favorite author, and enjoy having a quiet and uninterrupted place to read. Invest in a book on tape so that you can relax hands-free. Another option is to bring along a highlighter with your favorite book, to accentuate memorable lines and quotes.

Learn Something New

The Internet makes it simple to learn a new craft or hobby. You no longer need an instructor to learn to play your favorite song on the guitar, as you can search the videos on YouTube. Take this block of time and use it to learn something you’ve always wanted to know how to do. Whether it’s a new language or a new hobby, it is time well spent.

Challenge Your Mind

crossword puzzlePuzzles and games also provide an enjoyable way to pass some time. There is an abundance of educational games and apps available online for free. There is almost no limit to the new- and old-school games you can find online. Another option for a fun challenge is to invest in a crossword puzzle book and a dictionary.

Organize Your Life

What better time to make a to-do list and set goals than when you are stationary for several hours? Bring along a planner to prioritize your day, your week, or even your whole year. Detail ways to save money and decrease financial obligations. Plan that trip you’ve been wanting to take. No matter what your circumstances, concentrating on goal setting is always time well spent.

Get Caught Up on Current Events

Pick up a newspaper or a magazine en route to your visit, to give yourself a great variety of information at your fingertips. Check on the weather so you can plan your weekend, catch up on headlines, read your horoscope, or even take in a human-interest story to help you bide the time during kidney dialysis treatment.

Put Your Thoughts on Paper

Writing can be therapeutic, and there are unlimited topics and projects you can begin or complete in your down time. Compose letters to all the important people in your life, or keep a journal to record your feelings. Start a blog to share your experiences with others who may need encouragement in some aspect of their lives.

Do Nothing But Rest

A quiet place provides the perfect environment for prayer and meditation, or even just a revitalizing nap. Pack your favorite pillow and plush blanket so that you can stay warm and comfortable, and make the most out of your treatment time. Bring along an inspirational book of poetry or quotes to keep your mind positive and powerful.

Committing several hours at a time for dialysis treatment may not be an ideal situation, but why not find ways to make the most of it and use your treatment time to challenge your mind or to simply meditate in peace? With the right comforts and resources at your side, you can feel as relaxed and comfortable as you would in your own home. Turn your dialysis treatment sessions into some much-needed time for yourself, and try to look forward to the well-deserved break from your otherwise busy schedule.